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Ljuba Kalmykova - Violin

      Liubov Kalmykova was born in 1992, in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. When she was 12, the family moved to Norway and since 2006 Liubov became a student of Isaac Schuldman, at the renowned Barratt–Due Music Institute. 2011-2017 Liubov studied at the“Music and Arts Univercity of Vienna“ with Professor Pavel Vernikov. October 2017 she graduated with honours and received the «Master of Arts» title. Since 2015 Liubov is studying Chamber Music at the «Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien» with Prof. J. Meissl.


      In January 2018 Liubov was honored with a title of Ambassador of AMDAA (Amadeus Music & Dance Academy).


      Liubov is playing a Landolfi violin (1785), generously on loan from the Goh Family Fondation.


    Liubov has won 1st prizes at several Norwegian national music competitions. Furthermore she was awarded 1st prize at the European Music Competition "Citta di Moncalieri" in Italy (2014). She performed as soloist with l`Orchestra Classica di Alessandria and several youth orchestras in Norway, Austria and Russia.


      Liubov has been taken part in several music festivals and master classes. Among others: “Kronberg Academy” (Germany), “Sion Festival” (Switzerland), Aurora Festival (Sweden), IMUSE Festival and Masterclasses (Belgium), Wien Modern.

      She was inspired on master classes of Pavel Vernikov, Miriam Fried, Pierre Amoyal,Sergey Stadler, Robert Rozek, and Henning Kraggerud.

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